The key purpose of the Conference is to bring together academics, researchers, practitioners and policymakers to discuss ongoing research on a wide range of theoretical and empirical issues related to regional economic integration and sustainable economic growth in the region. Potential topics may include, but are not limited to, the following areas, with emphasis on their impact on agriculture and energy and associated infrastructure:

  • Risk and Uncertainty (e.g. Credit Risk; Market Risk; VaR; CVaR; Distance to Default);
  • Public Policy and Regulations (e.g. Agriculture, Energy, Water, Transport);
  • Macroeconomics and Exchange Rate Policy;
  • Labour Economics and Economics of Education;
  • Regional Economics;
  • Monetary and Financial Market Integration;
  • Banking;
  • Financial Analysis and Management; and
  • Social Capital.

Keynote Speeches

This Conference brings three experts from Australia to discuss fundamental economic/financial issues in Australia with the implications for the Australian and Vietnamese businesses. They are Professor Michael McLure (The University of Western Australia, Australia); Associate Professor Robert Powell (Edith Cowan University, Australia); and Professor Siobhan Austen (Curtin University, Australia).

In addition, the Conference welcomes Professor David Dickinson (University of Birmingham, UK) to present the findings from his recent research.

Ph.D/ Masters by Research Forum

The forum will provide an opportunity for Ph.D. or Masters by Research students in the fields of Business and Economics to present their thesis/dissertation research (that was completed in the last year or will be completed during 2017) within the topics of interest for this Conference.  All accepted papers will be refereed and critical comments are provided by professors or associate professors with the same/similar area of research interest.

In addition, this forum is extended to welcome various professors to share their experience in publishing in high-ranked international journals.  Currently confirmed participants are Associate Professor Robert Powell (Edith Cowan University, Australia); Professor Michael McLure (The University of Western Australia, Australia); Professor Siobhan Austen (Curtin University, Australia); Associate Professor Liem Viet Ngo (University of New South Wales, Australia); and Professor David Dickinson (University of Birmingham, UK).