Michael McLure

Thinking Outside the Box: Intellectual History and Public Policy

Siobhan Austen

New Estimates of Long-term Earnings and What These Reveal about Rates of Return to Education and the Impact of Unpaid Work Roles

Robert Powell

An Analysis of Conditional Value at Risk among Industries in Asia

David Dickinson

The Power of Networks


Van Thi Hong Loan

Public Relations in the Emerging Markets: Empirical Evidence in Vietnam

Satyendra Singh

When FDI Contributes to Market Orientation?

Pham Khanh Nam

Cooperation under Risk and Ambiguity

Bach Ngoc Thang

Labour Market Outcomes of Fresh Graduates: Evidence from a National Survey in Vietnam


Vu Huu Thanh

Relationship between Diversification and Performance of Listed Firms in Vietnam using GSEM Method

Le Ho An Chau

Network Analysis of Systemic Risk in the Global Sovereign CDS Market

Le Thai Ha

The Impact of The HaiyangShiyou 981 Event on Vietnam’s Stock Market

Pham Ngoc Thach

Systematic Risk across Industries in the Asia Pacific Region: Vietnam versus Australia


Vo The Anh

Exchange Rate Volatility and Disaggregated Manufacturing Exports: Evidence from an Emerging Economy

Nguyen Thi Kim Dung

Vietnamese Exchange Rate Volatility Estimation Using GARCH Model: A Comparison of Error Distribution and Information Criteria

Le Dinh Nghi

Return Spillover from US and Japanese Stock Market to Vietnamese Stock Market: A Frequency Domain Approach


Ho Minh Chi 

Exchange Rate Pass-through in the ASEAN Countries: An Application of the SVAR Model

Tran Phu Ngoc 

Measuring Market Risks for Industries in Vietnam: The VaR and CVaR Approaches

Le Ton Quang Phat

Macroeconomic Determinants of Exchange Rate Pass-through: New Evidence in the Asia Pacific Region


Nguyen Ngoc Thong

How Innovation Affects Firms’ Performance?

Isuru Achintha Ekanayake

Relationship between Organizational Culture and Commitment to Change of Blue Collar Workers

Ashita Agrawal

A Survey of EVA Disclosure Practices in the Annual Reports of the Indian Corporates


Quang Van Tuan

Sectoral Risks in Vietnam and Malaysia

Tran Binh Dai

Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance: A Study of the Thai Banking Sector

Nguyen Kim Quoc Trung

On Developing Model of Credit Risk Management Information System: Case Study from State-Owned Banks in Vietnam

Nana Indri Kurniastuti

Strategy of Dynamic Black-Litterman Portfolio in Indonesian Stock Market


Ho Doan Phuong

Aging Population and Economic Growth in the Developing Countries: A Quantile Regression Approach

Pham Minh Tien 

The Shadow Economy and the Shadow Labour Market in Developing Countries

Quan Minh Quoc Binh

Entry Mode Choice of FDI Firms in Emerging Markets: An Evidence from Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Tuong Vy

The “without United States” Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and Vietnam’s Apparel


Nguyen Cong Thang

Is Beta Still Alive in the Asia Pacific Region?

Pham Vo Ninh Binh

Financial Distress and Bankruptcy Prediction: An Appropriate Model for Listed Firms in Vietnam

Ha Phuoc Vu

Corruption, Business Environment and Firm Growth in Vietnam

Tu Thi Kim Thoa

State Ownership and Investment-Cash Flow Relation: Empirical Evidence in Vietnam


Le Thanh Loan

A Tax on Fossil Fuel and Biofuel Subsidies in Vietnam: An Applied General Equilibrium Analysis

Tadashi Kikuchi 

Dynamic Change of Inequality in Vietnam: Two Decades from 1993 to 2012

Vo Hong Duc 

The Disparity of Revenue and Expenditure among Subnational Governments in an Emerging Market: Theil’s Entropy Consideration


Mark Kam Loon Loo

A Comparative Analysis of Global Competitiveness between BRICS and Canada: Implication for Business

Nguyen Thanh Thuy

Performance of Logistics Services Providers in Vietnam: An Exploratory Study

Sourajit Aiyer

Are India’s Recent Fund Inflows Structural in Nature? Common Patterns with USA: Learning for South & South-East Asian Developing Nations


Nguyen Van Phuong

FDI Spillover to Domestic Manufacturing Firms across Six Geographical Regions in Vietnam:
Absorptive Capabilities and Geographical Proximity

Misa Okabe

The Determinants of Facilitation of Intra-ASEAN Agricultural Trade


Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy

The Interrelationships among Social Relations, Happiness and Voluntary Behaviors

Pongky Arie Wijaya 

IAU’s Contribution to the Development of Good University Governance at State Islamic University in Eastern Indonesia Region

Kurnia Perdana 

Multi-Stakeholder and Corporate Interplay: A Case on Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation